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Bobbi Brown Art Stick


Ahhh Bobbi! Bobbi you beautiful brilliant genius you! We must all bow down and give thanks for the Goddess of makeup that is Bobbi Brown!

Nearly a year ago during a stroll through my happy place (aka the makeup counters at House of Fraser) I stopped to grab a blusher I was low on at the Bobbi counter. I ended up having a jolly good chat with the counter girls (so unlike me!). They had literally, that morning, just got in the latest Bobbi newbie, The Art Stick, and were showing me the range. I was in heaven! Creamy velvety feel Matte lip crayons in gorgeous shades. With an 8-hour wear and non-drying formula thanks to the lovely shea butter it contains, this lip liner and lipstick in one seemed to be the perfect combo. Available in 14 shades which can be applied as a sheer wash or built up for full drama you even get a sharpener with every one! Brilliant!


Anyhoo, time ticked on and life got in the way, as usual. Several times whilst walking through my happy place I considered stopping at the Bobbi counter and treating myself but just couldn’t seem to justify another new lippie. Bearing in mind I have a strict rule that I would never put a product on a client that I haven’t tried on myself I knew at some point I would have to invest in an Art Stick. Especially as I was fairly certain it would be perfect for a lot of my brides!

Slight side-line and shameless self-promotion coming up. All my brides get their lipstick bought for them! It’s simply part of the package I offer, which also includes a trial and no I don’t charge extra! Sometimes I can mix several colours when creating the perfect lip colour for a bride (my makeup kit case is already massive/heavy. If I carried every lipstick the toy shops stocked I’d break my back!). So imagine I mix 3 lipsticks to get the exact colour and texture for my bride, then she has to go to a sea of makeup counters and try and replicate it. Somewhat daunting no? Even for regular makeup users! Seeing as it’s my job to know about these things surely the least I can do is go and get the perfect lip product for my bride and make her life a little easier? Well that’s exactly what I do! The lipstick is part of my Big Day touch up kit that all my brides receive. The kit also contains some translucent powder and a kabuki brush, a travel hairspray and spare hair pins as well as a pack of mints and a pack of tissues, all in a reusable makeup bag.

Anyhoo, Bobbi’s Art Sticks. On a recent girl’s weekend away in Edinburgh the lobster and I found ourselves, whilst shopping on George Street, staring straight at a Bobbi store. Well quite frankly it would have been rude of me not to pop in! I had a wander and a look around and decided I would buy a new lippie for that evening as we were gonna hit the town (and I had a new lip primer in my Birchbox to test). A lovely sales assistant (whose name I’ve forgotten, sorry) asked if I needed any help. After and during a jolly good chat, shocking, I purchased my very own Bobbi Art Stick in Cassis. A gorgeous deep plumy red with blue undertones.


It really did live up to expectations, it felt so lovely on my lips, not at all dry as matte products so often can and despite taking the sharpener out with me I needn’t have bothered. I reapplied after dinner and then again out of sheer vanity but it wasn’t totally necessary and I didn’t need to sharpener it once. It was so easy to apply with its creamy formula and pencil shape. Just as I suspected, I flipping love it!


Me and the girls out on the town in Edinburgh! I’m on the right wearing my Art Stick, the lobster is on the left and Carter and Kinloch in the middle.


RRP £21