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October Birchbox!

It’s taken a little longer than planned to get this blog done, life got in the way! Note to self, must manage time better! Or get a clone?

Either way one of the blogs you can regularly expect from me will be a monthly Birchbox review. For those of you who aren’t sure what a Birchbox is it’s a monthly beauty box that I subscribe to, these monthly boxes are huge now and I’ve seen so many varieties. Things for crazy cat lovers just like me, beauty supplies like my Birchbox, man stuff to keep them smelling slightly better than normal (boys are so smelly right?) and I’ve even seen one called Pink Parcel for ‘that time of the month’!

So here’s the thing about a Birchbox, it is easily the best £12.95 a month I spend on beauty shopping. Why you ask? Because every month my Birchbox arrives at my door with 6 items that are tailored to my profile. My skin type, my hair type and my beauty needs. Every month I get at least 1 full size item and even the samples are a good size normally. Because of my specific profile I get at least 1 Makeup product a month and I have often had application tools such as makeup brushes! The brilliance is that to buy everything they send would be a lot more than the £12.95 a month I pay by direct debit (other options are available and I can cancel anytime) Bearing in mind every month I get at least one full size item! Plus I am constantly discovering new beauty products and brands. They have exclusives and everything can be bought on their website where you can also earn Birchbox points. Very often I get an email half way through the month asking me to choose an option for the following month, e.g. did I want a mini highlighter palette or cheek and lip stain? Would I like my mini beauty blender to be purple (obvs) or pink? There are other similar monthly beauty box options on the market, I’ve heard good things about Glossybox. I went with Birchbox for one reason, I had been debating a monthly beauty box for a while and they sent me a sign up offer so I jumped at it, now I’m hooked! I would recommend them to anyone but as I’m a helpful girl I will review my Birchbox every month, right here! And if you do want to sign up for one, or even treat someone, here’s the link! https://www.birchbox.co.uk/

So let’s get to it!

Here’s my October box. Every month is a different design, this month it was the elements and mine was Earth as I’m a Capricorn. Plus the boxes are so handy for organising ‘that draw’ we all have stuffed full of beauty supplies. Well they were on offer! It saves money right?


Batiste Dry Shampoo with Root Boost



Lets face it, dry shampoo is the single best item ever to enter the beauty world, give that man/woman a noble prize! I’m quite fussy about dry shampoo, I hate when they leave residue or a white powder on your hair, in fact the best one I’ve ever found is a Boots own, but this one wasn’t bad. The addition of root boost is brilliant for people like me with silky hair that goes very flat and loses volume once slept on. This would be great for adding texture before an updo! FYI Birchbox accidently sent this item two months in a row, they sent an apology email and 500 extra Birchbox points to say sorry!

Rituals The Right of Sakura Magic Touch Body Cream



I like this cream, it has a rich thick texture, yet still absorbs quickly, and the scent was lovely and soft with floral notes. My skin was really silky afterwards and stayed moisturised for ages.

Eyebrow brush


Fairly self explanatory. Not the sturdiest I’ve ever used but always handy! Interestingly I can’t find a link on the Birchbox site for this one. Hmmmmm last minute box top up? Either way still handy!

Number 4 Fluoro5 Elixer Restore & Repair Oil



Unfortunately this is no good for my hair type, however it is perfect for my Lobster! (FYI my Lobster is my roomie/bestie/business partner Amy! I literally cant do anything without her, seriously, not exaggerating! And if you don’t understand ‘my Lobster’ go and watch series 2 of Friends, NOW!) Anyhow, Amy has obscenely long thick hair and this oil has given her hair a lovely shine and healthy glow without weighing it down. be advised, use liberally!

Doux Me Pure Spring Mist



I love a spring water spray, it’s my go to toner for lazy skin care! Amazing on a hot summers day and even works as a makeup prep/set/refresh spray! My normal one is Eau Thermal Avene and honestly I didn’t notice a difference, except the price tag. This one is twice the price so I definitely wont be switching, however I’m keeping it for a handy holiday beach bag spritz. Every cloud!

and lastly…..

LOC One & Done Shadow Stick Full Size Birchbox Exclusive!


oct-bbox-lippie oct-bbox-lippie-on-hand

LOC (Love of Colour) is a Birchbox exclusive brand and in the past I’ve had a fabulous lippie from them. As you can see this eye-shadow stick is a lovely gold colour with an excellent payoff! The creamy texture blended well and as much as I prefer powder eye-shadows I did love the result from this. It did crease after a few hours but that’s often the case with cream eye-shadow I find and why I prefer powders. Having said that I would be tempted to buy it again as the result was lovely and the creasing wasn’t anywhere near as bad as others I’ve used. I would however recommend investing in the LOC sharpener if you are going to use this, or their other products, regularly. A normal sharpener just doesn’t quite cut it with these! https://www.birchbox.co.uk/shop/loc-sharpener