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November Birchbox (Better late than Never!)


Ummmmm. Yep. Even by my ‘standards’- 5 minutes late for everything – this is really late. Here it is, my November Birchbox product review!

Yes, I know it’s already December but only just!

Also, I’m basically working six day weeks until Christmas Day so the December box review will involve falling into some sort of fabulous mess under the Christmas tree, dribbling into a mince pie and babbling about updos and winged eyeliner! Note to self, quit second job!

Anyhoo, November Birchbox product reviews! FYI check out my 1st Birchbox blog if you don’t know what a Birchbox is.

Wet Brush Midi



Hopefully by now you know who my lobster in life is, my business manager/ roomie/ bestie, Amy. Now the lobster has the most fabulous head of hair, all the way down to her shoulder blades. Is it thick you ask? Is it heck! The lobster still holds the record for the most hair pins in any updo I’ve ever done and many people have given her a good run for her money. 2 hair ties and 84 hair pins went into that messy side bun and said messy side bun came off the waltzer completely intact, I thank you! *breathes on fingernails and polishes on shirt*

So, having this amazing head of hair does cause the lobster a few problems. She has to go to bed with her hair up, otherwise she looks like cousin IT by the morning and as for drying and straightening, well that takes what feels like an eternity, slight exaggeration but you get the drift. So bearing all this in mind I gave the Wet Brush Midi straight to the lobster. She proclaimed it to be ‘Brilliant!’ and ‘Better than a tangle teaser!’ Nuff said.

Beauty Protector – Protect & Detangle



This product claims to be an all-in-one post shampoo jobbie. It protects from heat, adds shine, detangles and conditions. So along with The Wet Brush Midi I gave this one to the lobster. “If it can work on her hair…” etc. etc. According to the lobster it smelt lovely and refreshing, worked amazingly with the Wet Brush and after an eternity of drying and straightening, again I’m slightly exaggerating for dramatic effect, her hair looked luscious and shiny. Winner!

OCC Lip Tar



Unlike other lip primers I’ve tried that felt drying this one feels lovely on my lips, that’ll be the vitamin E and peppermint oil I bet! You need very, very little. Literally a tiny dot. It almost gave the effect of a clear gloss but not quite so made up, if that makes any sense at all? Teamed with a nude lip liner this is my new favourite day-to-day look (only because the Arrow lip balm is out of stock and I can’t stop crying about that!) However, as a lip primer itself it was somewhat of a let-down. Under a super stay lipstick I actually found the lipstick wore off faster than usual. Ok, I thought, I’ll try with a normal lipstick. Nope, didn’t last longer than normal. Third time lucky with a lip crayon? Nope. I like the product but didn’t find it performed as advertised. As a day-to-day moisturising lip product it is nice but then again so is Carmex which gives a similar effect at a fifth of the price, so I won’t be buying this one again.

Nuxe Crème Prodigieuse



I am in love with this brand! I hadn’t heard of it until Birchbox started sending it to me. I’ve had several items by Nuxe and loved every single one but this Cream tops the lot and will definitely be going in my kit! It is the most amazing skin prep for makeup I have ever discovered. Once I’ve fallen out of my pit (bed), fed the kids (cats) and downed a coffee (coffee), I’m normally in a rush and a quick skin prep/ makeup/ out the door is on the cards. Micellar water, eye cream and now Crème Prodigieuse is all I need! My skin looks smooth and bright, the cream absorbs super quick and leaves no greasy residue. Putting makeup on straight away is so easy, rather than having to potter for 10 minutes letting the cream sink in. My makeup then appears flawless without additional primer. Love love love!

Marcelle BB cream Golden Glow Illuminator



And finally this month we have The Marcelle BB Cream! Now I’m not normally a lover of BB cream. I prefer more coverage and have never found anything like my YSL touché Eclat foundation, see my blog on that one for its sheer brilliance. I did give this a go by itself and honestly felt it was too Bronze, it has a lovely gold tone to it and doesn’t appear orange as bronzing products so often can, but I just felt it was a bit much. In the middle of summer or post-holiday it would probably be perfect. Having said that a drop of this mixed with foundation gives a fabulous base with a healthy glow. That as a base, mascara and a swipe of blush equals 5-minute makeup in a rush? Brillopad!